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       天津象普橡膠制品有限公司產品種類分為:硅膠板、氟膠板、防靜電橡膠板、防靜電網格簾、優質橡膠板、高彈橡膠板、防滑橡膠板、耐油橡膠板、耐酸堿橡膠板、絕緣橡膠板、丁晴橡膠板、氯丁橡膠板、白真空橡膠板、加布橡膠板、海綿橡膠板、天然橡膠板、石棉橡膠板、等各種橡膠板。 公司自創建以來,狠抓內部管理,注重技術投入,建立了一整套高效的質控管理體系和完善的產品銷售服務網絡.目前我公司以主營工業用橡膠板為主.產品廣泛用于航天,航空,汽車,船舶,隧道,橋梁,建筑,體育場所及電子,電力,化工和交通運輸領域,產品型號齊全,質量穩定,暢銷全國各地區。我公司擁有不同行業用戶的需求且能根據客戶要求定制各種特殊規格,性能的橡塑制品  天津象普橡膠制品有限公司,始終堅持用戶至上的原則,愿以同類產品中更優惠的價格、更上乘質量,為廣大用戶提供完美的服務。不斷追求卓越,不斷挑戰自我,不斷根據客戶要求提高產品質量,是我們一直以來的信念我們愿以完善的質量體系,現代化的管理,勇于開拓的精神,高效率,高信譽的宗旨與各地區的客商攜手合作,開創美好未來,象普歡迎您來做客!

      Tianjin xiangpu rubber products trading co., LTD., specializing in the production of sales: silicone, fluorine plastic plates, anti-static rubber sheet, antistatic grid curtain, high quality rubber, high elastic rubber sheet, anti-slip rubber sheet, oil resistant rubber sheet, acid and alkali resistant rubber sheet, insulating rubber, nitrile butadiene rubber, chloroprene rubber sheet, white vacuum jointing sheet, gaby rubber sheet, sponge rubber sheet, natural rubber sheet, asbestos rubber sheet, etc. Various kinds of rubber sheet. Company since its inception, vigorously promotes the internal management, pay attention to technology investment, set up a set of effective quality management system and perfect sales service network. At present my company is given priority to with the main industrial rubber sheet. The products are widely used in aerospace, aviation, automotive, Marine, tunnels, Bridges, buildings, sports venues and electronics, electricity, medicine, chemical industry and transportation and other fields, product model is complete, the quality is stable, best-selling national various areas. My company has the needs of users of different industries and can custom all kinds of special specifications according to customer requirements, the performance of rubber and plastic products. Tianjin xiangpu Rubber products trading co., LTD.  always adhere to the "user first, quality first" principle, willing to similar products in more favorable price, superior quality, provide perfect service for our customers. "Continuous pursuit of excellence, and constantly challenge themselves and constantly improve product quality, according to customer requirements is the faith with which we have been. We would like to perfect the quality of the system, modernization of management, are bold, enterprising spirit, high efficiency, high credibility and regional merchants hand in hand cooperation, create a better future,xiangpu welcome to visit!

      版權所有:天津象普橡膠制品有限公司   聯系電話:4000-632-180